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"What if the children can connect our disconnected world?"

We bring Creativity, Curiosity and Critical Thinking to schools and organizations!

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ILA is a movement of COMPASSION, KINDNESS AND GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING! We believe in leading through innovative ideas, projects, collaboration, cooperation and combining heart education with new technology!

July 5, 2017

KENYA - ILA connection kit & ILA mobile library is leaving to Africa today! Women's Journey to Kenya by Global Heart Journeys founded and lead by Linda Higdon has collaborated with us! What happens when women from the USA travel across the globe to CONNECT with local p...

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"Glow Eye" by Ranell Smith from Wisconsin School for Deaf Children. Message: "I made eyes and sun in pastel. It's pretty and good." Ranell - 10 year old 


Upcoming ILA events:

1. Turtle Creek Elementary school ILA workshop 

2. Donating new ILA mobile libraries and ILA musical kits to schools in Milwaukee ( for underprivileged students) 

3. Expanding to Europe

We believe all children should have a voice and an opportunity to be heard!

Through children’s messages we create global communication in order to promote global understanding.


Every child has a STORY to share. No matter where children come from, what background or social setting they have, what tradition or religion they practice, healthy, special needs or sick. 

Our organization is creating the space for all children to freely express themselves, their wishes and messages to others, and ideas to solve today's problems of the world.

We connect children and adults in their communities, nations and worldwide in order to learn from each other, inspire, communicate, collaborate and cooperate for a kinder world. 

Communication is a key in life! We provide an unique communication system for schools globally to build a bridge between teacher and students. Also between students and other children.

1. ILA workshop in the USA school
2. Children express their thoughts
3. Art become children's voice
4. ILA kit travels to other children
5. ILA art/educational kit arrived
6. Children draw and write back
7. Their art & messages travel back
8. Children in the USA receive art
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Weslyn Jen

ILA is a life-altering organization that is uniting children in the most beautiful forms of communication we can achieve: music & art. I am honored to be a part of such a stunning foundation.

Jean Claude Muhire

ILA is doing a great job. Keep up the good job. The World needs people like you.

Jennifer Sandberg

I have had the privilege of being part of the festival for its first two years. Such an amazing organization making a difference. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.

Ashton Marie Cunville

International Little Artists is an amazing foundation that touches the lives of so many children around the world.

Anne Lebak 

ILA is a terrific organization that is doing great things for the children of the world! I loved seeing how excited the students got to receive art from other kids around the world, and find where on the map they live! This non-profit serves all children with an incredible mission: to spread compassion through art!

Clara Schlosser

International Little Artists is a wonderful non-profit organization that promotes peace and understanding through art. It warms my heart to know that children from all over the world are connecting with each through the healing power of their art work that they exchange with each other. Art is love and I'm so happy that ILA is spreading that love all over this beautiful Earth. Thank you ILA for making the world a better and more peaceful place!

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