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We believe in CONNECTING 


  • What is ILA's WHY?
    We believe every child should be given a chance to speak up and to be heard! That is why we have developed an unique global communication system with the platform of the arts and personal messages.
  • What is ILA's HOW?
    We believe in power of COLLABORATION. We are connecting well established organizations, companies and schools to work together for the same goal - "CONNECT, INSPIRE, EMPOWER AND EDUCATE CHILDREN AND THEIR COMMUNITIES AROUND THE WORLD."
  • What is ILA's GOAL?
    1. To create space for all children around the world to freely express their ideas, hopes, wishes, fears and dreams. 2. To give a voice to the unheard children to share their story - abuse, bullied, autistic, deaf, non-verbal, orphans, children on hospic, children in hospitals, victims of sex-trafficing, homeless children, victims of natuaral disasters, reffugees ... 3. To share children's art and personal messages with other children and adults to give a chance to learn, be inspired and connect with others from around the world!. 4. To connect children's organizations in need with the non-profit organization who can help them. 5. To represent children's voices and their messages to the world oraganizations and their leaders. 6. To bring ILA's mission and vision to as many children and adults as possible. 7. To bring innovative and critical thinking with the compassion and heART education along with the global understanding and respect for others to the school systems around the world. 8. To inspire as many youth of today to become the global citizens of tommorow.
  • Is ILA formaly NON-PROFIT organization?
    Yes, ILA was founded on October 2013 by Lucie Hake in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and was assigned an EIN number and a statues 501 (c) (3) on May 2015.
  • How can my CHILD participate?
    Please share our website with your child's school.
  • How old has to be my child to PARTICIPATE?
    We include children from the age of 2-18.
  • What can I do for ILA?
    Please see our "GET INVOLVED" page. We have many different opions for you how you can be involved.
  • How can I inquire a PARTNERSHIP with ILA?
    You can contact us at with your partnership request at Please provide information about you, your organization and the type of partnership you are looking for. We are receiving many requests from around the world. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP.
  • How is ILA FINANCED?
    We are supported by philantropic donations from corporations, foundations, and generous individuals. ILA is a public 501 (c) 3. All donations to International Little Artsits Foundation are tax-deductible.
  • How can I make a DONATION to ILA?
    Donation can be made year-round at:
  • How Can I make larger contributions over $5,000?"
    To make the most of your donation, we suggest making large donations through check or wire. Please email: for details.
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