history of ILA

It all started with 1 child, 1 mom1 email, 1 question, 1 school, 1 exhibit, 1 idea, 1 knock on the door, 1 mission trip, 1 AHA moment = ILA TODAY! 

2013 in Spring - Lucie (mom) found an old art box full of acrylic paint and brushes in their attic. Her 26 months old daughter immediately garbed the brush and asked for a paper. This was a beginning of a child and Mom new communication. Small Li'ianela (daughter) sometimes woke up in the middle of night and wanted to paint. Every piece of art had a different technique and combination of colors depended on the season and mood of a 2 year
old daughter.  

2013 October

The art show was such a success the project was expanded to include other schools and countries. Patterns and differences were noticed in the art and messages. The idea to connect the children globally through art was formed!

2012 - Lucie (mom) discovered the power of Children of NOW by observing her own daughter (Li'ianela) as a toddler and saw wisdom, love and compassion in her and many other children.

2013 September - Lucie was asked by a Czech Medical team to send children's art with a theme of "Health". 

2014 June - Our 1. ILA project 

Students from Lake Geneva schools created their Art & Messages as a greeting to orphans in Haiti. ILA Connection Kit with the children's good wishes and art supplies was taking to Haiti by volunteers from Calvary Church and The Children's World Impact organization. 

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