Our ILA workshops

ILA is providing children a positive emotional experience through hands on projects! 

As a class team work project children will draw murals for other schools around the world.

Students will create art and messages for other children as a greeting and inspiration.

Students will create an ILA mobile library for children who do not have access to books. 

Students will design ILA t-shirts for underprivileged children and children in hospitals. 


ILA WORKSHOPS are excellent opportunities for children to gain exposure to a significant aspect of our culture and many cultures around the world. Through the arts and personal messages, children experience activities that foster self-expression and build self-esteem, develop imagination, critical thinking, valuable social and global understanding skills, caring, respect, compassion, connection with other children in order to express their wishes, ideas and solutions!

The arts as an universal language are ideal in celebrating and teaching children locally, nationally and internationally, while providing an educational experience. The idea of children designing to give away is teaching children how to share and give to others in need. This act supports compassion and respect of others! 

ILA projects

the voice of unheard children 

Children draw and write personal messages to other children around the world.

the world mural

Children as a team design a fabric mural for children as an inspirational classroom wall decor.

ad-dressing the world 

Children design ILA     t-shirts for children in hospitals and orphanages as "a brighter day" gift. 

giving books around the world

Children collect books, design an ILA tote bag and add a "reading buddy" stuffed animal to create a mobile library for children.